XRAY.FM (91.1FM, 107.1FM, & Online)

Our mission is to hold a microphone up to the best and most distinctive of Portland. To build a culturally relevant center for ideas, music, and creativity in service of a more open media and a more just community.

Our programming is a progressive blend of talk and music that amplifies the sounds and reflects the values of our city. XRAY.FM started broadcasting from East Portland at 91.1 mhz FM on March 15th, 2014. We now also broadcast at 107.1FM. We stream online right here.

Our music is delivered by 80+ of Portland’s own DJs, respected promoters and record label owners, lauded local musicians, and biggest music geeks. Shows run the gamut from indie to hip hop to metal to soul to psych and beyond, with a dual focus on curation and discovery.

We don’t rely on an algorithm to program merely what you already like -- we know your smartphone can do that. We bring together a community of curators who can introduce you to stuff worth loving. Including great stuff produced right in your hometown.

Our programming features local thinkers, comedians, journalists, and commentators. That funny comic who split your side at the club. That local business leader. The community organizer you heard at the rally. The elected leader you wonder about.

We look at matters from multiple angles, we seek truth and a better community...and fun. We want to give everyone a fair shake; we are also a values-driven organization. We don’t think climate change is only half real, we’re not only half in favor of marriage equality, and we don’t think inequities or wealth disparities are only half a problem.

Radio is yours. We are honored to bring you some.

Contact Information

General Inquiries: info@xray.fm

Membership & Giving: thanks@xray.fm

Sponsorship & Underwriting: underwriting@xray.fm, interest form

Events: events@xray.fm, booking guidelines

Music: Send to your favorite DJ* or submissions@xray.fm for music library. 

Volunteering: Please fill out our volunteer interest form. FAQ on Getting Involved here. 

Gear Library Check Outs: Fill out the request form here. 

Make Checks Out to: Cascade Educational Broadcast Service or XRAY.FM

Mailing address: XRAY.FM, PO Box 12147, Portland, OR 97212

Office Phone Line: (503) 233-2700** 

On-Air & Fund Drive Phone Line: 503-233-XRAY (9729)

On-Air Text Line: 971-220-KXRY (5979)

Public File: XRAY maintains an on-line public file per FCC regulations at https://publicfiles.fcc.gov/fm-profile/kxry

*When you attempt to submit music for airplay via general XRAY emails and accounts, you're reaching a staff member, who aren't decision-makers in the day-to-day songs played on the radio. As a freeform format and volunteer-driven station, XRAY does not keep a music rotation or recommended playlist for our DJs and allows them full creative control musically within their showtime. If a DJ does not list their contact information on their show/DJ profile, they are not actively accepting unsolicited music submissions.

**Due to ongoing remote work, our office line is email-forwarding voicemails and often no live person will be present to answer. Calls with voicemails left are returned on an ongoing basis. Email remains the best and most efficient way to reach us, as our 24-hour operation means that hours and availability vary widely. 

For more information on our schedule and programs, click the shows link at the top of the page.

As a registered Oregon non-profit, XRAY.FM relies on our individual, foundation, private, and public support. Our EIN # for tax purposes and employer matching needs is 46-2172193. 

To become a member and learn how to build XRAY.FM from the ground up, click the donate link here or at the top of the page.


Chase Spross, Station Manager 

Nina Dabit, Development Manager

Kathryn Kucera, Community Manager

Travis Cooper, Finance & Admin Manager

Joe Londergan, Sponsorship Manager

Brandon Cole, Weekend Studio Manager & Audio Engineer Assistant 

Board of Directors

Holly Hinson, President

Lee Shaker, Vice President

Melissa Harrell Frey, Treasurer

Sheri Hood, Secretary

Erica Sinkovic

Remy Watts

John Lugton, MetroEast Representative

Calvin Walker

Stacey Atwell

Rick Albano

Here's what some folks have said about us: 

  • Best Radio Station (Music) Winner: 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Best Radio Station Winner: 2018, 2019, 
  • Best Radio Station, Second Place: 2020, [no category 2021]

-Best of Portland Reader's Poll, Willamette Week

“Between XRAY's talk and music programs, it has amassed a Portland dream team, making it little wonder that the station's launch has elicited a groundswell of enthusiasm.”

-Extra Terrestrial, The Portland Mercury

“And, of course, the lineup includes the contributions of some 75 or so local DJs spinning tunes that exemplify and demonstrate what they hope will become known as the local Portland sound.”

-XRAY FM is Here!, Blue Oregon

"Portland’s most acclaimed independent radio station serves up the sounds of the city’s popular underground music scene to a global audience."

-The Best Internet Radio Stations, Digital Trends

“If there's any question in your mind that Portland is ready for a new progressive community radio station, take a look at XRAY.FM.”

-XRAY.FM Is Killing It, The Portland Mercury

“Becoming a D.J. at XRAY, being able to take my love of music and my love of being social with people and transfer it all into radio, has become a really important part of my life."

[April 2020]: "Now that concerts are canceled, clubs are closed and record stores have shuttered, stations like XRAY are some of the only remaining local music hubs. And for many hosts, that's sparked a renewed sense of purpose."

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