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    The Common Good - 1st Wednesday at 6 am; Hosted by Joe Clemons.

    The Common Good showcases the collective achievements of all that contributes to a positive and well-informed community.

    Filibusters - 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 12 pm (after The Thom Hartmann Show); Hosted by Mike Dalesandro and John Oberg.

    Mike and John team up to bring Vancouver a unique political show that is a spin-off from their Facebook podcast, Unfiltered. The go-to platform for all candidates from both sides of the aisle in Washington. The show hopes to offer a variety of views and opinions concerning local & national politics.

    Chasing Shadows - 3rd Wednesday 6:00 am; Hosted by Josh Kroeker, Robert Bain, & Erik McLain

    Chasing Shadows asks the question - what is really going on here? From Bigfoot to aliens and deep sea monsters, reports surface of things that shouldn’t exist but seemingly do. Too often these anomalies are not only created but calculated to get you to believe in something that is not real. Chasing Shadows takes on these popular paranormal topics and tries to nail down the best evidence that exists for a given phenomenon, examining new evidence each episode then asking the question - “Is this real, or are we just Chasing Shadows?” 

    To The Republic - 1st Thursday at 12:00 pm; Hosted by Jake Jochim & Geoff Lopez

    As an expansion of Say What You Mean, Jake and Geoff have created a new show dedicated to exploring civics, history, and U.S. institutions to be broadcasted through the radio station KXRW.

    Voices From the Community - 2nd Thursday at 12:00 pm; Hosted by Mike Selig & Contributors

    ​Voices From the Community is dedicated to sharing the voices of the people of Southwest Washington and Portland. Mike Selig does this along with field reporters, Dr. Beth Lee, Roben White and Marliese Franklin. 

    The Vibe - 3rd Thursday at 12:00 pm; Hosted by Ryan Reed

    Vancouver has always been rich in musical talent and artistic talent and The Vibe was created to showcase that talent. Ryan will spotlight a different musical guest, whether it's a full band or solo artist. 

    Head First - 4th Thursday at 12:00 pm; Hosted by Jake Garcia and Audrey Miller.

    Head First will take a look at the issues facing Vancouver through an investigative lens. Our goal is to shine a light on the biggest issues facing our community today.

    Mudd Club - Saturdays 4:00 am (weekly) - Hosted by Ivan Ivan.

    The Mudd Club musical format, one could say its mission, is to create a dialogue between songs. This dialogue uses songs as words, that build sentences, and complete whole musical paragraphs. These constructs will tell a story about how music, no matter what the genre or time in history when it was recorded, are connected. They have similar melodies, rhythms, themes, messages, and influences. The Mudd Club does not shy away from abrasive atonal sounds, nor from melodic sweet productions. It’s the juxtaposition of these sounds that creates the most compelling story for the audience.

    Gordon Green's Music Planet - Sundays 2pm (weekly)

    Gordon Green's Music Planet takes you on a
    musical journey each week with an hour of great music from around the
    world. Gordon has been traveling the planet for more than 25 years
    discovering new sounds and rhythms while exploring cultural identity
    through music and art. You'll hear something new and interesting each week on Gordon Green's Music Planet!


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